“What makes a place special is the way it buries itself inside your heart, not whether it’s flat or rugged, rich or austere, wet or arid, gentle or harsh, warm or cold, wild or tame.” - Richard Nelson, The Island Within

The unique wilderness of the Green Mountains buried itself in my heart at a young age. My painting explorations and wanderings encompass a swath of mountains, rivers, and forest along the spine of the central Green Mountains.* I bring my interpretations of this landscape to others in my community not just for its beauty but to witness and record the changes wrought by humans and climate. This ecoregion, containing the largest mixed forest wilderness area in Vermont,** has become my primary studio and a great source of spiritual and physical renewal. Shifting seasons, light sources, temperatures, and textures provide daily challenges in order to set up an easel in the middle of the woods or on a mountaintop. As I hike or ski to a location, I reflect on our interconnectedness with wilderness. The experience of deep observation, contrasting with my own memories of place, and those held in the land itself all coalesce into these multi-layered works.

**From Green Mountain National Forest website: The Joseph Battell Wilderness consists of 12.336 acres
managed by the U.S. Forest Service. The Breadloaf Wilderness Area has a total of 24,986 acres, it is the largest wilderness area in Vermont.

A painting of bare, white birch trees, lining a winding dirt path against a blue sky
A painting of drooping cattails poking up through the snow, with evergreen trees, and a purple mountain in the background.
a painting of bare yellow birch trees in a snowy forest, with evergreen trees and a blue sky in the background
a painting of bare, white birch trees in a snowy forest, with a mountain and blue sky in the background
A painting of white birch trees against a blue sky
A painting of trees on a green and brown hillside, slanting down to a stream, with a blue grey sky in the background
A painting of green mountains seen from a distance, with grey roads and rocky outcroppings crisscrossing them and a grey blue sky overhead.
A painting of brown and green dune grass with a sandy beach and the ocean in the background with a blue sky overhead.
A painting of mountains, seen from afar, in slightly abstracted shades of blue, grey, and green with a grey sky overhead.
A painting of a stand of trees in a forest, with sunlight streaming through and casting long shadows on the brown forest floor