Water, with all its varied dimensions, fascinates Hawkins. She is drawn to and inspired by its simplicity and changing nature - from the pond pebbles on the bottom through layers of water, to surface tension, reflection, water splashes and ripples. Minute color relationships and a sense of place have her diving into her oil paints. She remarks that she is continually learning something new whenever she puts brush and color to canvas, each experience bringing a new perspective and vocabulary to her work. Her paintings are inspired by country drives looking at favorite marshes, fields and ever changing Vermont skies. She expresses her recollections in new paintings, exaggerating key highlights, beginning a painting at the top and work ng down, quickly establishing mood through color and composition. She allows the paint, drips and accidental color combinations to guide her vision to create the drama of weather, skies and water. Finished paintings often don't resemble their beginnings; they go through a continual process of change.