I paint mixed media pieces inspired by the Vermont landscape which celebrate both the wonder and complexity of life. For me, painting is the continual process of paying attention. When I remember to slow down, I notice the beauty, laughter, and moments of simple joy that are all around me: the sun dipping over the horizon; crisp leaves under my feet; Mary Oliver’s wild geese overhead. These ordinary things inform my work and compel me to return again and again to the easel. I love the little joys and surprises that happen while I’m painting - the way a warm yellow pops next to a cool blue; the drips that can alter a whole composition. Working with the mistakes and the happenstance pushes me to find solutions. How can I create calm from chaos? Beauty from mud? It’s all a metaphor for life - to embrace the messy complicated world that is all around and turn it into something beautiful and true. And, hopefully, have some fun along the way