This current body of work brings the garden into the gallery using sculpture, photo, video, and sound for an exhibition I am calling “The Wild Garden”. To create an exhibition in which one can follow my impressions and thoughts of the environment through the various garden spaces both cultivated and wild. Through beauty, tension, and seduction these gardens reveal the cyclical, touched and untouched, moments in nature while visually exploring the eco-system.

The garden is seen as complex beauty, from the shape and size of plants to the dominance of species and the patterns of color through growth, life, and death. Gardens are nature, controlled by humans to reflect culture, social order, awareness of ecology, and life as sustenance. A garden is ever-changing and transient so one must take time to look closely in order to experience the totality of nature’s systems. Whether a man-made garden, cultivated nature or wilderness, nature brings us an experience with imagistic and sensorial fragments that embodies the specificity of a place and a particular moment in time.

The aim through this multimedia installation is to explore the interaction between the plant world and that of humans. Then to demonstrate through interconnected gardens how these qualities, manifested in plants and artworks inspired by these plants, can create a regenerative world.