Painting murals is my passion. I grew up painting on walls in my home as a kid, and ever since, the sight of a primed white wall is something that I get very excited about. I paint simply for the love of paint and of the brush. The constant changes and challenges of bringing studies of nature and mankind to light is a part of my artwork that I look forward to. Obtaining a degree in Biology has also deepened this influence. I am inspired by all of the extraordinary art and especially murals that I have seen in different parts of France and Italy. I love and admire the works of Rubens, Delacroix, Tintoretto, and James Rosenquist, to say a few. Finding the right subject, to paint, is the largest and most important process for me. I pour through photos, books and magazines, until I find a subject that inspires me and that grabs my attention. I usually combine many different pictures; for instance, I find the perfect photo of a female subject and use a different picture for her eyes, hands, etc. I will alter these pictures to achieve a final composition. From there I grid out my design and divide it into 4'x8' segments, that when all put together will make up the final mural. I then begin going up and down a ladder painting the first panel using a specially designed easel, which can allow me to paint more than one panel at a time. I enjoy working with both acrylics and oil paints. I tend to use oils for the more dramatic paintings, because for me, oil paints are rich and full of character. Acrylics, however, bring out a bright intensity of color in the painting. I love the boldness in the acrylic color and it’s display on a painting, which are based on subjects in nature. Painting large is very important to me and something that I am always striving to do. In my artwork, I try and display the world around us in a unique, and what I hope to be an intense way. All the beauty and details in life, from a single blade of grass to the deep wrinkles in a face constantly confront me. All of these things can speak volumes and yet are so often passed by. In painting these subjects in a large medium there is a great deal more brought to attention. This is what I love to do and continuously strive to do better.