Katie Loesel grew up on Lake Erie in Erie, Pennsylvania. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking from The Cleveland Institute of Art in Cleveland, Ohio and a Certificate in Museum Studies from Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts. She is also a sailor, crafter, gardener, hiker, cyclist, and lover of local food and drink. After living in Thailand and Boston, Katie recently moved to Vermont to focus on her art. She tends to make prints, drawings, installations, and books, as well as creations on her sewing machine under the guise of Windy Seas. She recently completed a month long artist residency at Vermont Studio Center. Events occur constantly, simultaneously; inside and outside of our consciousness. They are unaffected by aspects of space and time. Whether or not these events occur in reality or in the context of the mind, memory is the only thing that secures their existence. Memory can be seen in gesture, mark, and pathways. My work is what records these events, anchors their memory, and allows them to grow. The cause and effect of each event are interconnected, nothing is totally alone. These connections build and pile up on one another, sometimes balancing, floating, or falling. Space and place, forces, passageways, landscape, layers, and marks depict the journey of connections and events over a period of time.