Photographer, traveler, data nerd, foodie, geographer, dog lover, sunset enthusiast: Kelly O’Neal creates ethereal, painterly photographs of the beauty of place. Unlike most photographers, she seeks to move the camera during exposure, relying on years of practice to create the look she wants on her digital film. Rather than documenting what your eyes directly see, she captures colors & shapes and seeks to evoke the essence of a locale and its quintessential moments. Kelly self-taught this technique beginning in 2007 in her basement apartment, combating the stress of a consulting job by photographing flower bouquets at midnight. Probably while drinking whiskey. Soon she expanded this technique to landscapes, and took the technique on the road during her travels. Kelly grew up in Jacksonville, Florida and is currently based in Vermont where her photographic assistant, Teddy Bear, gets impatient for his cookie while waiting for mom to finish shooting beautiful sunsets over Lake Champlain.