Ken started his painting career as a freshman in high school under the tutelage of one of his early mentors, Maynard Sandol. He continued to paint and take classes during his underclass studies at Oswego State. He then took a 30 year hiatus, moved to Vermont, raised a family, and never got rid of his paints. One day he was drawn to the idea of plein aire painting and what became a minor obsession of grasping the nuances and complexities of this new found art. His work was supported by several key individuals including Fioanna Cooper, Carolyn Walton and Mark Boedges. The paintings on display today were painted primarily at the Burlington waterfront and in particular the freight yard. I was drawn to this urban landscape and how it subtlety interacts with our daily lives. The train yard offered a bigger than life backdrop which provided me an uncountable amount of opportunities to capture this urban landscape. I also saw the immense presence of the trains and the people that work this business in the heart of our downtown. Ken continues to paint the urban landscape, and the pastoral scenes whenever possible. His style is a compilation of the impressionist slant, with a bit of Hopper thrown in for good measure. Ken Lives with his wife and best critic, Janice Lara in Burlington Vermont. He has 3 daughters: Chloe, Vanessa and Charlotte and two grand children, Rowan and Hazel.