Through her work, Kristina Pentek intends to capture beautiful and otherworldly moments as they happen, often in unexpected places. As with any photographer, color and light are of a particular interest to her. She is fascinated with abstractions created by the natural world and juxtapositions where nature intersects with mankind.

Pentek looks for beauty in her day to day by paying attention to the details. Sometimes a simple change of perspective makes all the difference. She feels her purpose as a photographer is to present the viewer with scenes that are absolutely real but look otherworldly, painterly, fantastical or abstract. Nonetheless, her prints are the result of real scenes. Nothing is ever staged and none of her images are ever retouched or superimposed, the only alterations are cropping and minor color corrections. 

Photograph of a field at sunset. Blue sky and swirling clouds above and tall green and gold grass with the sunbursting over the horizon.
An abstracted photograph of a rocky crevasse of orange, striated rocks
A photograph of the brooklyn bridge at night up close with an illuminated New York City skyline
A screenprint of abstracted mountains and a lake with champ, the lake monster, and a black moon eclipsing the sun above.
a photograph of the new york city skyline seen from afar across the water
a photograph of palm trees seen from far away with blue sky and towering clouds above
A photograph of a figure walking across dunes in the desert
A photograph of the brooklyn bridge at night up close with a twilight sky behind
A photograph of a field of orange poppies with mountains in the background
a photograph of a mass of tall golden grass with the skyline of New York City just visible above
A photograph of a lake mirroring a cloud strewn sky
A photograph of of the Manhattan Bridge at dusk with the lights reflected in the water
A photograph of a salt flat with mountains and clouds overhead
A photograph of a storm rolling in over the ocean
A photograph of the nose of a blue kayak on a body of water that reflects the cloud strewn sky above
A photograph of a bronze cloudy sky reflected in a blue lake.