For years I thought my constantly changing subject matter took away from my identity as an artist, but over time I’ve realized that it actually helps define my style. Although I revisit past subjects and ideas frequently; they are never re-made in the same style that was previously used. I see it as a frequent evolution, and a necessary path forward. I will continue to follow this path until I find that one process that I might stick to. Combining acrylic paints and charcoal is one of my preferred mediums. I’ve always found black and white tonality very satisfying, but in need of a simple color addition. At times, these color additions become more prominent, but most of my work still has heavy use of charcoal throughout the layers of paint. I prefer to have a gritty and raw application of materials that can coincide with much more finished and softer areas. Perhaps this is inspired by the extremes of so much in daily life. Subject matter comes from many places, but I’m mainly inspired by the outdoors, and how we as humans interact with the natural world. As we continue to change our surroundings, I will continue to change my process and ideals. Through thick and thin, the desire to create still burns bright. Thank you and enjoy!