In Listen, viewers are invited to engage with the word “Listen” through the lens of a young boy. The interpretation of why he is asking us to listen to him is up to the viewer with the hope that the ambiguity causes them to pause and consider what messages are emanating from youth of color; especially boys. Is it that they want to be safe? Is it that they require respect? The sunlight is shining through the word as a way to emphasize how important it is for the older generations to actually pay attention to what the youth are telling us. It's as important as sunlight. The sunlight is shining through the word, emphasizing how important it is to pay attention to what the youth are saying. It's as important as sunlight.


The artist behind the moniker LMNOPI is Lopi LaRoe. Classically trained as an oil painter, LMNOPI uses her artistic skills as a way to amplify messages emanating from within movements for social, economic, racial and climate justice. Her primary mediums are painting and printmaking, which she utilizes to create both sanctioned and unsanctioned interventions in the commons. Prior to creating the street artist persona LMNOPI in 2009, she has been a community organizer, humanitarian worker & civilly disobedient activist over the last four decades, standing elbow to elbow with the people & communities she depicts in her work. A terrain of strength and humor, defiance and resilience, love and bravery emanates from the faces of the women and children she paints. LMNOPI has created over 20 murals across the US since 2009.


A mural depicting a young black boy wearing a navy blue hoodie, holding a sign that says "Listen" with the sun shining behind him.