These abstract works address the distillation of dreams, emotions and the ‘present’ in a visual language, marking the ordinary as extraordinary, or the smallest thing as notable.These thick impasto layers reveal recurring iconographic markings: the horizontal plane, the circle or void, the crest. They are the indicators, entrances, passports. I look to the natural world and to the beauty and mess of daily living. I read and journal and absorb as much as possible from being present to all that surrounds me. Paintings emerge from this, addressing the ephemeral and things that cannot stay - things that morph, divide, erode, mutate, reflect, shimmer, disseminate, evaporate, break, fade, dissolve. Mark making with paint sets up calls and responses, creating a back and forth exchange on the canvas and also , even unconsciously, when not in the studio. “Echoes, mirages, phantoms, hallucinations and like a dream..” One needs to 'pay attention' consciously and unconsciously . My process is one of multiple layering, scraping, covering up, building up heavily textured surfaces with palette knife and paint. People ask me how I know a painting is ‘finished’ - usually I can tell when it sings.