Burlington City Arts

Lorraine B. Good Room

The Lorraine B. Good room is located on the 2nd floor of the BCA Center. The art in this room is available for viewing during our regular open hours, except when the room is being used for programming, meetings and rental events.  


May - July 2018

Matthew Thorsen



Photography has been my greatest pursuit since I was a child. I’ve always had great regards for the motivation of artists and the responsibilities of a driven craftsman.

I hoped to make a living traveling the world, expressing myself and meeting interesting people with my camera as my guide. I studied black and white and color photography but was drawn to black and white’s tonal ranges and the natural process of the darkroom. The transition to the digital medium was a blast of fresh air.   I stalled as long as I could before totally switching over to digital. I literally moved from the darkroom into the daylight, now computing, scanning negatives and using archival ink printers.

With close to 6000 images published in various media, this collection is half representative of newer fun colorful works in portraiture. For 23+ years I have worked with Seven Days newspaper, photographing some of Vermont’s most noteworthy people and documenting many important issues affecting today’s Vermonter.  meeting people and making a photo together has been a gift and has tested most of my creative abilities.

Photography has given me many gifts.  My relationship with my father through photography developed to be greater than I had imagined between two people on an artistic quest.  I’d spent more time with my father than with any other person and never thought he and I would create images so meaningful together.   when I was 12 he enlisted my passion for photography in our unique secret monkey laboratory.  Father later became a less than enthusiastic model and reluctant gallery specimen of my photos.  My collages and paintings focus on the parental bonds which span generations and our inherited dependencies on animals.

I’m very grateful to  BCA….. I’ve always considered showing in this gallery a milestone of artistic achievement.  regardless the circumstances I am flattered to be a part of their long history of recognizing talent and fostering greatness.