In the beginning, I mainly produced paintings on canvas. In time, I adopted a variety of transfer techniques and incorporated collage into my work regularly. Nowadays, I prefer to work in the time-honored manner of Hannah Hoch, Robert Rauschenberg or even Joseph Cornell, avoiding the digitalization of the work and always striving for rich surfaces and unexpected effects. To this end, my pieces are built up layer by layer with patience, skill and trust. The element of surprise is an ally and I favor allowing the image to develop on its own terms. Thematically, my current focus is on creating a series of collages that expand on the theme of the simple act of gardening as a metaphor for cultivating inner growth. Being a recent transplant to Vermont, learning about the seasons, the fauna and the plants that thrive in this climate has been transformative. I enjoy planting crops from seed, nurturing the seedlings and later, I particularly love collecting seeds. Throughout this process, as with making collages, I feel present and part of something larger than myself. I also believe that tending to the plants and harvesting edible crops are radical activities (much like art making) at a time when we find ourselves in the grips of an environmental and social crisis of devastating proportions. ­­­­­ It is my hope that my images convey a silence that allows the mind to wander and to imagine beyond what is visible. My collages are open ended and accessible to everyone. I consider a collage successful when it resonates with a viewer in a way that leads to enjoyment. I could not ask for anything more fulfilling.