Maria Anghelache is a Romanian born abstract painter, who is now a US citizen living in Vermont. She studied for two years in Venice, Italy, and in 2012 she received a Master’s in Studio Art from New York University. Anghelache explores the subject of nature through abstract expression and movement, as seen in her explosive Butterflies Series. She strives for uniqueness and creativity in her paintings, and to combine abstract sensibilities with sophisticated and high imagination. Here she orchestrates the conception and intensity of vertical and horizontal lines to represent the minuscule veins of wings and body. She has chosen to paint butterflies because they are a symbol of fragility and beauty, and a deep and powerful representation of life, change, endurance, and hope. The symbolism she conveys with her purple butterflies is a less common theme. The color purple is often associated with royalty and strongly represents spirituality. She finds the message of purple butterflies to be about having courage and trusting in yourself. The artists feels that joy and inspiration have arrived to her artwork through nature.