I love pattern and textile design. The abstract paintings are a way for me to organize color and form in an intuitive way. My hand moves and chooses paint color. I think the abstracts hint at overall decorative design...and then wander into other territory. An adventure into the unknown: I like that. The landscapes were created when my kids were teenagers. I was working on using a lighter color palette (analogy for “lightening up” myself…”chillax” Mom.) I painted them in response to a challenging few years, adding white to a palette that was usually thick with dark, rich colors. I work with many colors of paint spread out on a tray. I like using acrylic because of the easy clean up. I work from images in my head: when I set out to paint something I think up a design. What I paint that day depends on how I am feeling. I never have knowledge of the exact outcome of the work. Painting makes time disappear. I feel like I have created a little bit of peace in my corner of the world after I have been painting.