The Lake Champlain region is my unparalleled muse; the beauty of the lake, skies, mountains, valley and the people enjoying its splendor. I don't have to travel the world to find world-class beauty; it is here, in my own back yard. My ability to find the area's essence is evolving and it is exhilarating to me. I love to capture vistas with just the right light accenting a center of interest, the affects of natural elements and motion, and when I find a wide tonal range, the elegant impression of black and white. I have been a serious amateur photographer for over thirty years, gracing personal walls with images that have staying power. My objective is using natural light in capturing gifts of images, by being in the right place at the right time with the right equipment, which evoke a magical light and an interesting confluence of elements. Since my retirement from private practice as a Life-Wealth Planner in 2013, and completing the publication of my gift edition of ADVOCATE PLANNING, To Do What You Love To Do, I am driven with my passion for the Lake Champlain region to pursue photography full time. My goal is to offer carefully selected, large format prints to an audience that is also captivated by the beauty of the region and would like to enhance their home or office with a high quality print that reminds them of the exquisiteness just outside our doorsteps. The Lake Champlain Photo Project calls for a book, which will present my favorite images of the region, while connecting with people and stories of experiences with the land and water. Trevien Stanger, a talented writer and environmentalist has agreed to join me in the production of a fine-art publication of LAKE CHAMPLAIN, our basin of relations, with a focus on Lake Champlain and it’s watershed, and the relationship we have with nature, particularly water. My collection of visual portrayals of the region will be combined with stories that enchant the viewer, illustrating the essence of the Lake Champlain region: water, land and people.