Birds of the Northeast, some with unusual encounters, are the most common subjects of my watercolor paintings. Combining the spontaneous flow of color and added anatomical detail has pooled with my love of watercolor painting for seemingly endless inspiration. Recently I have deconstructed paintings and collaged the images in order to push the boundaries of my compositions. Hand gestures are another fascination of mine which I have frequently incorporated adding a human element of interaction. Spirograph designs have evolved in my work leading to a less literal reference though suggesting the interplay of nature and math. Originally from Buffalo, I have spent most of my life in the snow belt areas of western New York and in the Finger Lakes region. A job relocation for my husband, James brought us to Milton, Vermont in 2008.

A painting of the head of a crow with black and grey feathers and an open beak
A painting of a perched crow with black and purple feathers and white highlights
A painting of a hummingbird with yellow and green feathers hovering over two flowers with narrow wavy petals.
a painting of a yellow and green hummingbird hovering over several yellow daisies with brown centers
A painting of a falcon with brown and grey feathers and yellow beak, perched on a rock
A painting of the head of a crow with purplish black feathers with an open beak
A painting of a blue jay perched on a blue triangle
a painting of a perched crow with slate grey feathers