Bearing witness through a sometimes uneasy juxtaposition of materials I examine the commodification and marginalization of Beauty in both women and nature. As a sculptor my work is both a documentation and celebration of an Endangered Beauty. I extract the innate essence found within detritus from industry and nature. Evoking grace, fluidity, fragility, and vulnerability through seemingly contradictory materials I poeticizes the commonplace. Subject, material and maker are all that which are culturally marginalized, rusty metal, seed husks, and women. Like women, these sculptures evoke Beauty as strength, resilience and potential. Nature is my muse. Inspiration comes from my personal life experience. The work of art is a byproduct of the creative process, which is life itself. I am a collector of seedpods, corks, and rusty bits. My practice is one of experimentation. With experimentation comes repetition, working in multiples and series. I exploit the possibilities of play and improvisation creating an ambiguous coexistence of subtlety and surprise. My approach to making art allows chance to play a vital role. My material choice stems from a proclivity for eclecticism and irony. Biomorphic forms evoke a synthesis between creative thought and the senses. In addition to my studio practice I am the Director of Alumni Relations at Vermont College of Fine Arts. Throughout my career I have been integral to bringing art into the communities in which I live. My teaching experiences ranges from elementary to graduate school. I hold a BFA in Textile Design from Rhode Island School of Design, an MFA in Visual Art from Vermont College of Norwich University, and a Graduate Certificate in Non Profit Management from Marlboro College.