Born in the United States, Sally Linder was educated in the US and Canada. A strong foundation in drawing enables her to move seamlessly between representation and abstraction, determined by her subject’s desire to be recognized or left to the imagination. Inspired by Earth’s beauty and the social, environmental and political issues that confront humankind, each of her artistic endeavors has sprung from a deep commitment to Earth and all living beings. This love of life with its contrast and balance of agonies and ecstasies prompts both activism and playfulness in her work. The paintings chronicle a quest for a better and more conscience driven world and her passion becomes their purpose and content. Painting in series provides the opportunity to be immersed in each subject’s distinct, emotive language conveyed through choice of color, form, and mark. Particularly in the more representational work, this immersion is linked to considerable research for each series involving historical, scientific and spiritual elements. It is from this deepening well that the layers of paint emerge on the canvas, paper or drafting film. The images that are inspired become symbols of a compassionate, participatory commitment to life. This vision provides us with the opportunity to turn around so that we may know who the others are and our connection to them. So evolves an intimate partnership between artist, subject, canvas, and viewer.