I'm focused on the detail and dreamlike color combinations. Many of my botanical paintings have phosphorescent and UV sensitive pigments mixed into the paint to allow secondary paintings to be revealed. I've always been enchanted by the magic in flowers. Over my years as an artist I have acquired a love for travel, exploring botanical gardens for inspiration. Having lived in Hawaii for 15 years my love for the ocean and flora shaped my art and the way I see color. Surfing, Skiing and Rollerskating puts my mind in a relaxed state, for me it's very much a meditation. The same feeling when I paint or create something. My first solo art show was in Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan. I have also done art for surf contest posters and trophies, commission pieces, surf apparel graphics and my Original paintings represented in Wyland Galleries on Oahu. My Studio in Vermont I'm able to work in a much larger scale and do more stencil work. My first project in Vermont was an 80' covered bridge, the floor stenciled by hand in red buffalo plaid. In my free time I teach art at Helen Day Art Center and enjoy seeing little artists making great art. My parents enrolled me at age 4 into a German Art and Language School, my years there gave me such a foundation in art. It was my kind teachers then, that inspire me to teach. When I finish a painting I hope it gives the viewer a genuine feeling of paradise. Balance in each painting is important for me, having the right amount of patterns and loose elements complete a piece. Sometimes the glowing, secondary painting represents how a bee would see a blossom, in ultraviolet. Many patterns remain invisible on flowers to the human eye. Subject matter is around every bend, every petal and my "Bee Series" is an homage to our planets flower keepers. When I create each series putting in the detail is out of respect and enjoyment.