The Silent Symphony is about being fearless and uniting as one. The young tribal women and man are displayed wearing traditional African wardrobes. With the tradition being passed down from our ancestors, they continue to honor these customs and maintain unity within their tribe. Looking beyond, each individual shows that they are standing together, strong and fearless. The imagery conveys Juneteenth's significance, telling the story of strong African people who have endured so much, finally standing tall and fearless. It shows where our culture came from and where we are now. We have risen from the depths, we are free, we are loud, and we will continue to unite and fight with love and pride. The greatest symphony that was once silenced, is now for all to hear.


Egypt Hagan is an emerging artist and muralist from Los Angeles, California. She moved to New York where she held her first solo exhibition in 2014. Egypt currently resides and works out of Tampa, Florida. Throughout her work, Egypt uses portraiture as storytelling. “We as humans bare a unique story. I enjoy creating these stories not with the use of words, but bold images and an underlying vibrancy that emphasizes the main subject. My paintings consist of people or moments I've come across that have inspired my journey here on Earth, untold stories that deserve to be heard.” Egypt is well known for her vibrant colors and cultural images. Today, Egypt continues to work on numerous projects and commissions while exhibiting her artwork around the world.



Commissioned by Burlington City Arts and the Office of Racial Equity, Inclusion and Belonging
Juneteenth 2021

Egypt Hagan
Mural by Egypt Hagan on skatepark pavilion
Mural by Egypt Hagan of black man thinking on colorful background