149 Bank Street (Key Bank Plaza, off St. Paul Street)
1989, stainless steel

This piece was commissioned by the Bank of Vermont. Terry Boyle, the landscape architect for the small park where these fish reside, asked Kate Pond to create a piece that would provide a sense of intimacy for the setting. Kate chose fish as the subject for the fountain because of its proximity to the lake. The sisterpiece to this fountain, Skyway, is a flock of seagulls and can be seen at Kate’s studio at S.T. Griswold Company.
Another Kate Pond piece with a similar subject is Steelhead Trout, located in Winooski Falls Park. The piece was commissioned by Champlain Mill owner Ray Pecor, who shares the same love of fishing and many of the same fishing holes as Kate Pond. One year, Steelhead Trout was painted the same green as the park benches, and to preserve the integrity of the piece, Pond had to have the piece sandblasted back to its original steely color.

Photo by Michael Weizenegger

Kate Pond