Burlington International Airport
2004, acrylic and mixed media

With the expansion of gates 1 and 2, the Burlington International Airport wanted to commission an art piece that would make the travel experience exciting and help alleviate its associated anxieties. Using color, natural light, and a complex series of symbols, Sky Gates transforms the building’s four architectural sky light features into portals into human history that stir the imagination of every viewer. The murals were applied by alternating layers of acrylic paint and lines of lumber crayon, graphite and colored pencil. The yellow mural integrates scientific diagrams, formulas and equations. The red mural is structured by alphabets and other notational systems. The green mural is a tapestry of pictographs, symbols and iconography. The blue mural refers to the long history of ceiling painting and frescos and also contains elements of the yellow, red and green murals.

The expansion was designed by Freeman French Freeman Architects. Sky Gates was commissioned by Burlington City Arts.

Photo by Gary Hall

John Anderson