Susan Osgood is a painter, who also makes monotype prints and draws. The source of her inspiration is an innate curiosity, which allows her to experience the acts of painting and drawing as if they are travels, giving the sense of being in unfamiliar territory and the wonder of discovery. Her love of traveling, both literally and figuratively, takes her within as well as out into the world to far away places - something she yearned to do ever since she was young. Growing up in the woods of New Hampshire, she spent time in nature, indelibly marking the way she experiences through the senses. Upon completing her degree in painting from Rhode Island School of Design, her goal was to be able to make a living by traveling and making art. Touring Egypt in 1979, she acquired a taste for a foreign culture rich with layers of history and art. In 1985 she began working as an artist for the University of Chicago's archeological project in Luxor and has spent the last 25 winters there drawing the carved and painted reliefs of ancient tombs and temples. Leaving the dusty yellow winds blowing in from the desert, Susan returns home each spring. In her Vermont studio she translates these divergent worlds full of contrasts and similarities into abstract contemporary artwork. Osgood's work has been exhibited widely, including major cities in Germany, with a solo show most recently at the Museum August Kestner in Hannover and is in private and corporate collections around the world.