Roundhouse Park
1992, marble

Located on the water's edge in Roundhouse Park, this grouping of sculptures is part of a project conceived and coordinated by Justin Rose. Rose was one of Paul Aschenbach’s students at UVM and it was there that he developed an interest in collaborative work. While Aschenbach encouraged the agreement of an overarching theme to provide a sense of unity in collaborative work, Rose preferred a loose concept tied together by the process of creating sculpture on site, a theme exaggerated here by the fact that each artist created and left behind sculpture exactly on the site where the marble was found along the water’s edge. This process draws attention to Burlington’s unnatural geological history, since much of the city is actually built on marble fill used to reduce its originally swampy nature.

The Wave, By Christopher Spath, 1992 (Pictured)
El Sol, By Justin Rose, 1992
Rollerblades, By Paul Aschenbach, 1992
Pegasus, By Pat deGogorza, 1992
Merman, By Pat deGogorza, 1993
Mermaid, By Pat deGogorza, 1993
Champ, By Justin Rose, 1993
Canoe, By Andy Arp, 1993
The Lighthouse, By Paul Aschenbach, 1992

Photo by Michael Weizenegger

Christopher Spath, Justin Rose, Pat deGorgorza, Andy Arp, Paul Aschenbach