2020, engraved Champlain Marble, gold paint, granite cobble

This public art installation was commissioned as part of the comprehensive redesign and renovation of Burlington’s City Hall Park. Blurring the line between art and infrastructure, Watersheds to the Lake highlights the relationship between Lake Champlain’s health and the impact of human activities along the watersheds that feed it. Each Champlain Marble disc installed within the cobble swale references the name of tributaries to the Champlain Watershed. Together, the cobble and the discs slow rainwater as it descends to the stormwater garden, representing both a literal repair and symbolic restoration of Lake Champlain. Similar
interventions installed throughout the park alleviate pressure on the City’s stormwater system and reduce runoff into the lake, helping to restore its water quality over time. The concept for the artwork was inspired by Kintsugi, a Japanese art form that repairs pottery cracks
with metal lacquer to reveal the essence of resilience.

Commissioned by Burlington City Arts

Kat Clear and Tessa O’Brien