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Twilight Series: Night Protocol (w/ Stefani Capizzi)
City Hall Park
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Night Protocol was formed in Burlington, Vermont, and has actively been performing and writing music since 2017. Night Protocol was created to unite the sounds of the past, present, and future with a cutting-edge style of electronic music. 

Fueled by synthesizers and a devotion to the sounds of the 1980’s, Night Protocol performs their own blend of electronic music as a live band. 

Night Protocol shows are driven by live analog synthesizers, pulsing basslines, ripping guitar solos, soaring saxophone leads, and harmonized vocals. Their live show takes a theatrical approach to music performance with coordinated visuals, lighting effects, and a contagious sense of passion and energy for the foundations of electronic music. 

See/hear their latest music video here: Night Protocol- The Fear (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) 


Opener: Stefani Capizzi, 6:30 pm

Born and raised in New England and encircled by a musical family, Stefani Capizzi befriended a guitar and began to pen songs at an early age. Though quiet by nature, music became a lifelong influential companion. Motivated by artists who had a unique sound, and who followed an independent and internal muse, Stefani’s speakers were often rocking to songs by Stevie Nicks, Bonnie Raitt, Cat Stevens, Patsy Cline, and Bob Dylan. Their chords, melodies, and messages became her lifeline, and they, along with many other artists from several genres, slowly fostered Stefani’s desire to find a voice of her own.

Find a voice she did. In her early thirties, rallying courage from the power of music, Stefani, along with her guitar, began making public performances, eventually garnering a weighty local fan base. She recorded her first studio album ‘What You’ve Heard’ in a Vermont studio in 2015 and showcased her music in venues and forums in the United States. Her wide vocal range and deep songwriting led to her 2022 album ‘Here for a While’, which gained the attention of former Atlantic recording artist/producer, Wayne Warner (Taylor Swift, Bonnie Tyler, The ‘God Bless The Children' all-star project).

Capizzi’s union with Warner found her in a Nashville recording studio in 2023 with A-list session players like Dane Bryant (Dolly Parton, Olivia Newton John, Wynonna Judd, Brandi Carlile), and Michael Spriggs (Waylon Jennings, Elton John, BB King) further showcasing her distinctive sound.

“Working with Stefani in the studio was exciting as a producer, and rewarding as a fellow artist”. Says Warner. “The songs we cut demanded a stunning delivery, and listening to her voice perform, rather than just sing, was captivating”.

‘Extraordinary’ – a melodic hook with a breathtaking message joins a powerful production and stunning vocal execution.

‘Where Do You Sleep At Night’ – a heart-tugging song that perhaps way too many people will relate to. Fitting for the times, and written and performed from a place of experience.

Stefani Capizzi has undeniably found her voice, and it is a treasure indeed.

Catch a concert on the lawn as the sun sets on City Hall Park with this beloved series that presents 16 free evening concerts on alternating Fridays and Saturdays featuring a  lineup of regional luminaries spanning the full spectrum of genres.

2023 City Hall Park programming is underwritten by the Pomerleau Family Foundation and The WaterWheel Foundation. Media sponsor, Seven Days. Twilight Series is presented by Soundtoys.

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