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No two moments are ever the same when you work at BCA. Whether your focus is on gallery, education, events, administration, or elsewhere, we all work together on the same creatively driven team with the shared passion of expanding arts accessibility.

BCA Administrative Assistant

This position is responsible for providing general administrative assistance to BCA department staff whether in the BCA Center or 405 Pine Street, supporting financial administration, and providing general customer service to BCA’s public by phone and email. Essential job functions include administrative and financial assistance as well as customer service. Read the full job description and apply by July 21, 2022.


BCA Center Gallery Staff

BCA maintains a list of active, qualified gallery staff. In this position, you will help provide customer service for BCA gallery on occasion, assist with art installation for changing exhibitions onsite at BCA Center and offsite at select community locations; and assist with gallery-based programs at the BCA Center or outside in City Hall Park. Gallery work is posted to an email list and any staff can choose to take the work as desired and available. A minimum amount of work must be accepted to maintain the position. Gallery staff will work both independently and within a larger team. Staff should be knowledgeable or willing to learn about visitor service, rudimentary art interpretation, and art installation including painting and object handling. Gallery staff must have a high-level of people skills, be punctual, reliable and trustworthy, interested in learning about current BCA exhibitions and programs, and professional at all times. Gallery staff will be trained in museum best-practices based on a basic level of experience. Learn more and apply here.


BCA Center Event Staff

BCA maintains a list of active, qualified event staff. In this position, you will help with the set up and on-site execution of indoor and outdoor events in the BCA Center, Contois Auditorium, City Hall Park and other indoor and outdoor spaces as needed. 
Event work is posted to an email list and any staffer can opt to take the work as desired and available. A minimum amount of work must be accepted to maintain the position.

An Event Staffer will at times work independently and other times on a larger team. Staffers should be knowledgeable or willing to learn about customer service, hospitality and/or professional audio and video systems. Event staff must be incredibly trustworthy and professional at all times. Training comes with the work, depending on experience.

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Current Employment Opportunities (EXPAND / COLLAPSE)


Volunteers play an integral role in our mission of creating a dynamic relationship between the arts and our community. Volunteers increase their own skills and knowledge through trainings and events, and we welcome volunteers who have an interest in the arts, regardless of their experience level. If you are interested in volunteering with Burlington City Arts, please direct inquiries and applications to the supervisor of the position for which you are applying. All volunteers must submit a Volunteer Application to the acting supervisor by email.

Art from the Heart

Art from the Heart is currently seeking volunteers to visit patients and family members at UVM Medical Center and Children’s Hospital to help make the hospital a more comfortable and creative place through the arts. We visit patient rooms and waiting areas, working one on one and in small groups. A visit with a patient or family members can start as simply as talking about favorite TV shows and music. An Art from the Heart visit can be as complex as a painting party, creative writing session, or team art project. A lot of time it is a quick gifting of an art print and / or supplies and ideas to help spark creative expression. If you enjoy drawing, we create drawings for people on their door windows to personalize and beautify hospital rooms and units. No art skills are needed, just an enjoyment of the arts, and a compassionate approach. If you are interested please be prepared to commit to a weekly shift (each shift is 3-4 hours long) and a minimum commitment of 6 months (we understand there will some pauses with travel, etc.) as it takes a while to get into the flow of Art from the Heart and being in the hospital spaces.

For any questions please be in touch with the Art from the Heart coordinator, Rebecca Schwarz at


BCA Center Gallery and Visitors Services

Volunteers work to gain a deeper understanding of BCA while acting as representatives to the public. In the BCA Center, volunteers attend the gallery, interact with the public, assist with installations, assist with performance events, and provide general support to gallery staff.

For any questions and more information, please contact Jacquie O'Brien, Customer Service Assistant, 802-865-7166 or

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BCA Exhibitions


Interns play a valuable role in keeping BCA running. With opportunities ranging from communications and marketing to gallery installation and event management, BCA offers our paid interns broad, multidimensional opportunities to gain professional experience while making new connections.

Current Internship Opportunities (EXPAND / COLLAPSE)