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Twilight Series: NIKARA presents Black Wall Street (w/ Galacticats)
City Hall Park
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Vibraphonist, composer, arranger, and educator Nikara Warren is a true Brooklynite. Born and bred in the eclectic and electric enclave, her family, her friends, her band, and her musical pedigree are a microcosm of the county at large. Her grandfather is world-renowned jazz pianist Kenny Barron, and she’s the daughter of a half Trinidadian soca/dancehall lover father, and a classic 1990s “Brooklyn ‘Round the Way” girl mother. Nikara is taking vibes to the people with her infectious compositional sense, her post-modern patchwork of influences and cultural signposts, and her fearless musicality. Her bold quest comes from being well-versed in the vibraphone lineage, but seeking to adventure beyond it. Her debut album, Black Wall Street, represents a convergence of Nikara’s personal, cultural, familial, and musical journeys. Here, she explores abstract sound-collage, hip-hop, jazz, neo-soul, Afro-Latino and Afro-Caribbean rhythms, and more. The through-line here being for Nikara it’s all dance music. Her vision is cohesive but eclectic—just like how people’s identities are a product of their various heritages and associations.

Opener: Galacticats, 6:30pm

Ro Freeman is a Massachusetts born, Berklee College of Music alumni, multi-instrumentalist, singer songwriter, and bandleader of Galacticats, residing in Burlington, VT who has toured with Charles Neville of the Neville brothers, the Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra, and, performed at venues such as, the Dakota Jazz Club, Snug Harbor, Carnegie Hall, New Orleans Jazz Fest, and Discover Burlington Jazz Festival. Her current pop rock group, Galacticats, is a local favorite since 2021 and includes top players, Michael Hartigan on keys, Maïz Vargas Sandoval on bass, Dan Ryan on drums, Graham Lambert on guitar, and of course Ro Freeman on vocals. Galacticats is currently recording our first single, Moon Eyed Girl. 

Catch a concert on the lawn as the sun sets on City Hall Park with this beloved series that presents 16 free evening concerts on alternating Fridays and Saturdays featuring a  lineup of regional luminaries spanning the full spectrum of genres.

2022 City Hall Park programming is underwritten by the Pomerleau Family Foundation. Twilight Series is presented by Soundtoys with support from Aqua ViTea.

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