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Bradley Borthwick: Objects of Empire

Bradley Borthwick will present a sculptural installation based on his reflective research of the Dorset marble quarry of Vermont and the ancient Roman storehouses known as horrea, found throughout southern Italy. In these pieces, the artist observes the cultural significance of manufactured objects – contrasting the simple marble forms of the ubiquitous American headstone to the classic Roman amphora. For his first solo exhibition in New England, the artist will fill the gallery with hand-carved facsimiles of headstone and amphora, as well as several beeswax models cast from their likeness. To create a fully immersive experience, Borthwick will also layer auditory elements developing a new facet to his creative practice. While seemingly incongruent and separated by time, location, and culture, headstone and amphora become poignant symbols of the ascension and demise of their respective realm. Calling to mind notions of sustainability and impermanence, Objects of Empire thoughtfully ponders the shared cycles of civilization.  

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