Past Exhibitions

A photograph of six silver steel sculptures arranged vertically. Each work starts with a wrench that ends in a ring with danging chains that turn into flowers, vines, and other naturalistic abstract shapes
A photograph of a detail of a black steel sculpture that consists of a ring with leaves, flowers and vines twined around hanging from a hook a ring
A photograph of two pieces of jewelry, mounted on a white wall. On the right is a brooch with a white bulb of garlic with a delicate chain looped to the bottom side. On thee right is a bulb of garlic hanging from a brown leather string looped around several times
Margaret Jacobs: Kinship

Margaret Jacobs creates steel sculptures and finely crafted jewelry, exploring the tensions and harmonies between the fabricated and natural worlds. An enrolled member of the Akwesasne Mohawk tribe in upstate New York, Jacobs investigates cultural histories and identity. In Kinship, Jacobs examines the relationships connecting unexpected or contradictory elements, believing that materials have their own distinct narratives.


In her Old Growth Series, Jacobs melds forms of flora and medicinal plants with tools associated with early twentieth-century Mohawk ironworkers. Alongside the stark lines and unadorned metal of these steel sculptures, the artist’s colorful jewelry features botanicals – such as garlic, mint, and strawberry – arranged in groupings as “partner pieces” charged with a quiet strength and beauty.


Margaret Jacobs, Old Growth Series, 2022-2023, steel  

Margaret Jacobs, Old Growth Series Wild Rose, 2022-2023, steel (Detail)

Margaret Jacobs, Garlic I & II, 2023, powdercoated brass


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