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A photograph of a ceramic sculpture of half of a sliced grapefruit and three sliced cucumbers arranges on a cutting board
a still life painting of a group of teapots and mugs sitting on a small wooden table against a beige wall
A photograph of a messy breakfast table. A box of fruit loops spills across the brown wooden surfac, with Help Us spelled out in pieces of cereal, while a hand reaches in to pour milk into a bowl of cereal. A childs hand grabs a half eaten piece of toast from a paper towel, and a mostly eaten apple sits on the table along with babydoll lying facedown a pink mug, a porcelain tea cup on a small pedestal and toast crusts.
More Than an Object: The Contemporary Still Life

More Than an Object: The Contemporary Still Life presents the creative possibilities of this often overlooked artistic genre. Exploring the vitality and inventiveness of the still life tradition, the exhibit presents a multiplicity of innovative approaches and media including painting, photography, animation, and sculpture.

As a genre, the has still life been practiced by artists for centuries. From ancient Greeks to 17th century Dutch painters, from 19th century modernists to today’s contemporary artists, still life endures as a significant mode of artistic expression – one that embodies both tradition and innovation.

Often relegated to the art of imitation, still lives are being continuously reimagined by contemporary artists who also use the genre to explore the personal, metaphoric, social, and unconventional. More than an Object features nine contemporary artists who exemplify how the still life genre remains a popular and essential expression of our daily lives.  

Participating artists: Susan Abbott, Christina Erives, Oona Gardner, Ori Gersht, Libby Paloma, Mike Pelletier, William Ransom, Zachary P. Stephens, Christopher T. Terry.



Christina Erives, Con Todo (cutting board), 2020, ceramic (detail)

Christopher Terry, Still Life with Yellow Teapot, 2021, oil on canvas (detail)

Zachary Stephens, Breakfast, 2017, archival pigment print (detail)


The 2022 Exhibition Year Presented By Mascoma Bank, Community First Since 1899, Certified B Corp, With a circular logo of repeating teardrop shapes










More Than An Object is sponsored in part by The Maslow Family Foundation and Leunig's Bistro & Café.  Hospitality sponsors, Lake Champlain ChocolatesFarrell Distributing, and Prophecy Wines.

Burlington City Arts is supported in part by the New England Foundation for the Arts through the New England Arts Resilience Fund, part of the United States Regional Arts Resilience Fund, an initiative of the U.S. Regional Arts Organizations and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, with major funding from the federal CARES Act and the American Rescue Plan Act from the National Endowment for the Arts, and by The Vermont Arts Council & the National Endowment for the Arts.


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