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A stylized figurative painting of a woman with short brown hair wearing a white dress trimmed with roses at the neckline, holding a small blue book. Her body is slightly transparent, allowing the lush green landscape in the background to show through. A robin that is almost as large as the woman sits next to her and leans forward.
A drawing of a doubled handled sword hilt with two human faces and a decorative knob with a star of david between them against a purple grey background
A circular painting depicting an unconscious woman being scrutinized by three grey bearded men whose heads and hands protrude from a purple and aqua circular form. One man holds an ice pick and mallet directed at the woman's skull, as a figure wearing a white oblong headdress watches. A grey dog sits at the woman's feet. A pink crenellated wall and city are visible in the background.
Outstanding: Contemporary Self-Taught Art

Featuring self-taught artists from Vermont and the surrounding region, Outstanding explores the growing popularity and shifting implications of contemporary artists whose creative practice falls outside mainstream and traditional categories of art making. 

Working in highly personal and often idiosyncratic styles without formal academic training, these artists are compelled to create works filled with imaginative and visual power. The exhibit includes a diversity of drawings, paintings, and three-dimensional works by eight artists who investigate themes of healing, memory, community, and the otherworldly.

The artists in Outstanding are helping to reshape today’s artistic discourse – one that is more inclusive and less defined by formal modes or restrictive definitions. Revealing their own truths, these artists stand out from dominant styles of art making as they explore unconventional paths to creative expression.

Participating artists: Larry Bissonnette, Denver Ferguson, June Gutman, Chip Haggerty, Liza Phillip, Pamela Smith, Thomas Stetson, and Kalin Thomas.


Pamela Smith, Do Tell, 2022, acrylic on masonite (detail)

June Gutman, Sword of Faith, 2022, graphite pencil, colored pencil, acrylic paint (detail)

Kalin Thomas, Frontiers in Lobotomy, 2021, mixed media on panel



2023 Exhibition Year presented by Mascoma Bank


Outstanding: Contemporary Self-Taught Art is sponsored in part by Leunig’s Bistro & Café and the Maslow Family Foundation. Hospitality sponsors, Lake Champlain ChocolatesFarrell Distributing, and Prophecy Wines. Burlington City Arts is supported in part by The Vermont Arts Council & the National Endowment for the Arts.

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