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a kaleidoscopic video still of the artist
A multi-colored video still, with full screen glitch, of a woman dancing.
A still from Sarah Trad's video, Clench my Fist, showing two overlapping close ups of the face of a woman with dark hair, brown eyes and olive skin, with glitchy images of two different women laughing in the background
Sarah Trad: What Still Remains


As a Lebanese American artist living in Philadelphia, Sarah Trad explores complex themes of personal and cultural identity through film-based media and textiles. Her single and multi-channel videos appropriate and manipulate scenes from popular movies, music videos, and television, drawing on sources based in the rich film tradition of the SWANA region*.What Still Remains features new and recent work including Trad’s single-channel videos, How I Met My Grandfather and Clench My Fists, which examine the generational disconnect between herself and her grandfather whose death became a familial catalyst for years of inherited trauma, mental illness, and disconnect with her Arab identity. The artist also debuts Abir,Forever, and several textile and video installations that investigate memory, personal identity, and the absence of Arab American representation in popular media.

*South West Asian / North African 


Sarah Trad, How I Met My Grandfather, 2021, single-channel video (still), courtesy of the artist
Sarah Trad, Abir, Forever, 2021, single-channel video (still), courtesy of the artist
Sarah Trad, Clench My Fists, 2020, single-channel video (still), courtesy of the artist


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