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a kaleidoscopic video still of the artist
Sarah Trad: What Still Remains

As a Lebanese-American artist living in Philadelphia, Sarah Trad explores complex themes of personal and cultural identity through film-based media and textiles. Her single and multi-channel videos appropriate and manipulate scenes from popular movies, music videos, and television, drawing upon sources based in the rich film tradition of Lebanon and Iran. Trad will debut two new single-channel videos, How I Met My Grandfather and Clench My Fists, which examine the generational disconnect between herself and her grandfather whose death became a familial catalyst for years of inherited trauma, mental illness, and shame towards her Arab identity. She will also create two new works, Abir, and a multimedia wall installation including video and textiles that investigates personal identity and the absence of representation of Arab-Americans in popular media.


Sarah Trad, How I Met my Grandfather, 2021, single-channel video, courtesy of the artist

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