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A painting of a ghostlike abstracted human face and arm, with another cruder outline of a head and arm against a background of beige, peach, white, and yellow blended together in a dreamlike way.
An abstract painting with organic shapes and blocks of color in ochres, taupe, brown, and light aqua
A painting with a background of abstract organic forms in grey lavender, brown, yellow beige, grey green, and ochre, overlaid with figures in grey black that resemble an owl, a thin human form with a pointy hat and a short, wide human form.
Terry Ekasala: Layers of Time

Terry Ekasala is among a group of contemporary artists who are reinvigorating painting. Ekasala creates expressive imagery that moves between abstraction and representation. The artist employs an intuitive approach, emphasizing improvisation and process rather than a predetermined subject. She revels in complex interplays of color and texture, line, shape, and form.

Amidst these layered elements and dynamic brushwork, a partial figure or landscape, bird, or beast may appear to float in space, as if captured midway through transformation. In her paintings, the artist invites us to travel to interior worlds and across time. More than works of art – or objects – Ekasala’s paintings are experiences, personal journeys for artist and viewer alike.

Terry Ekasala: Layers of Time features oil on linen and more intimately scaled acrylic works on paper, all created over the past two years. The largest canvases, All the Secret Harmony (Lost Tracks of Time) and Riding Through, were commissioned by BCA for this exhibition. A resident of East Burke, Ekasala is the 2023 recipient of the Vermont Prize.


Terry Ekasala, Riding Through (detail)

Terry Ekasala, Backyard (detail)

Terry Ekasala, All The Secret Harmony (Lost Tracks of Time) (detail) 





2023 Exhibition Year presented by Mascoma Bank


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