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abstract geometric sculpture constructed from wood and metal stands 8ft tall in front gallery
colorful, hypnotic, and repetitious 2-D Geometric shellacked art on a gallery wall
2-D Geometric, yet organic plywood printed works of art hangs on gallery wall

Unbound features new and recent work by three New England artists who explore contemporary approaches to abstraction as it relates to architecture, space, and materials. United by their use of geometric, shaped forms that push outside the boundaries of the common rectangle, each artist considers the possibilities of abstraction using novel perspectives – unconstrained by prescribed expectations or formal rules. Featuring abstract painting, sculpture, and works on paper, Unbound includes the work of Rachel Gross, Rob Hitzig, and Kirsten Reynolds.

Suggesting abstract landscape or architectural forms, Rachel Gross’ woodblock relief prints and shaped, multimedia panels explore the illusory, contradictory aspects of depicting form and space. Rob Hitzig’s geometric paintings transform the innate beauty of natural wood using layers of vibrant colors, linear pattern, and shellac – a natural finish known for its warmth and luminosity. Kirsten Reynolds’ site-specific installation, Spillover, appears poised between a state of ongoing construction and imminent collapse with its intersecting lines, arcs, planes, and patterns composed in playful, if puzzling, arrangements. Through creative innovation each artist in Unbound liberates their respective media from traditional norms to present unique approaches to contemporary abstraction.








image Credit 1: Kirsten Reynolds, Spillover, 2021, BCA Center installation

Image Credit 2: Rob Hitzig, 2021, BCA Center installation

Image Credit 3: Rachel Gross, 2021, BCA Center installation



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