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The BCA Studios at 405 Pine Street offers studio access for adults (18+) with basic experience who would like to work independently in our Drawing/Painting, Print, Clay, Jewelry, or the Darkroom/Digital Photography Labs. Each studio offers approximately 20-30 hours of open studio time per week. Trained studio assistants are on hand during all open studios hours for guidance and support. Onsite storage for supplies is included. Please contact the specific studio manager for more information or to schedule an orientation.

Fees: $60/month per studio, $54/month for BCA members (per availability)

The BCA Studios will offer a Studio Access Grant Program for adults (18+) in the Winter-Spring 2020 session. This initiative will award studio access to individuals who might otherwise be unable to participate in the existing Studio Access Membership program due to financial or other barriers. The next grant cycle will award three months of studio access (February through April 2020) for up to three individuals per studio. This program is open to adults (18+) with prior experience in their medium. The applications is open from December 1, 2019 through December 15, 2019 for grants awarded for the period spanning February 2, 2020 through April 30, 2020.Please apply online at: or call (802) 865-7166 for details.


The JUDY KELLY DRAWING & PAINTING STUDIO features standing easels, adjustable lighting, utility sink, homasote critique wall and drying racks.  Studio access members are allowed the use of the community tools and shared storage space.   Our Drawing and Painting studio is equipped for solvent-free, water-based painting and drawing materials. 

Contact: Shastina Ann-Wallace , Education Assistant,


The PRINTMAKING STUDIO offers a 30 x 48” Takach etching press, a 38 x 32” vacuum sealed exposure unit, blow out sink, utility sink, large work tables and cleaning materials.  Our Print Studio is equipped for silkscreen, relief printmaking and monotype.  Studio access members are allowed the use of the community tools and shared storage space. 

Contact: Shastina Ann-Wallace , Education Assistant,


The TAMARA EDDY CLAY STUDIO is a fully equipped, educationally-focused ceramics studio with 14 pottery wheels, three kilns, a slab roller, extruder and a wide variety of hand tools for wheel throwing, hand building, and sculpting. Studio members get a personal shelf space to store their clay and work in progress. The studio provides slips, underglazes, and over 100 glaze combinations. All clay must be purchased through BCA. 

Contact: Chris Vaughn, Clay Studio Manager,


The DARKROOM + DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY LABS offer a traditional black and white darkroom for film and print processing using low-toxicity Eco-Pro chemicals. There is space provided for experimenting with alternative historic processes, matt cutting, and zine making. The digital lab offers color-calibrated iMac workstations with Adobe Creative Cloud software, Epson V700/V800 film scanners and three large format Epson printers with archival printing capability up to 44 inches. Additional per-sheet fees apply for digital paper and ink. 

Contact: Melissa Steady, Education Director, 


The LAURIE PETERS JEWELRY STUDIO provides many tools and equipment for use including a polishing wheel, rolling mill, drill press, flex shafts, soldering stations, a PMC kiln, an extensive range of forming stakes and hammers and many small hand tools. 

Contact: Shastina Ann-Wallace , Education Assistant,


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