A playful blobby creature surrounded by colorful mounds
Bubblegum Pop
BCA Center

Merging popular and consumer culture with fantastical themes, Bubblegum Pop presents a group of artists whose colorful work and playful imagery explore themes of nostalgia, youth, optimism, and material abundance as both a celebration and slanting critique on contemporary society. Using materials and subjects drawn from, or inspired by popular culture, the artists in Bubblegum Pop blur the distinction between high, low, and mass-produced forms of artistic expression. Bubblegum Pop entices us with its accessible and upbeat imagery, while simultaneously encouraging us to gaze beneath its glossy veneer and consider the economic, environmental, and social mythologies we self-perpetuate as a society.

Featured Artists: Pip & Pop, Matt Neckers, Jon Rappleye, The Smittens, and Kathryn Wiegers.

Bubblegum Pop is sponsored by Higher Ground

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Image Credit 1: Pip & Pop, When Happiness Ruled, 2016, installation detail. Photo: Jacqueline Ball


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