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A painting of a crowd of dark skinned men and women, paired off and dancing with each other across a black and white checked tile floor. The women wear colorful knee length dresses and high heels and the men wear blazers and a few wear wide brimmed hats. A geometric border of burgundy, blue, green and pink triangles surrounds the scene
A silkscreen that depicts a dark skinned man wearing a red suit, surrounded by other dark skinned men wearing blue suits playing various musical instruments. The image is bordered by repeated black and white images of the man in a red suit's face
Faith Ringgold: Jazz Stories

Faith Ringgold draws on personal and collective history with an artistic practice that ranges from quilts and performance, to paintings and printmaking. Begun in 2004, Faith Ringgold’s series Jazz Stories celebrates the music that has provided her with a lifetime of creative inspiration. This focus exhibition features four works from the series in silkscreen, serigraph, and acrylic on paper. 

Jazz Stories is presented as part of Jazz Lab. Courtesy of ACA Galleries, NY.


Faith Ringgold, Groovin’ High, 1996, silkscreen
Faith Ringgold, Wynton's Tune, 2004, silkscreen, detail

2023 Exhibition Year presented by Mascoma Bank
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